Air War College show-cases Pakistan’s real potential

CHIEF of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman has expressed pride in declaring that our training institutions have been contributing immensely to prepare PAF personnel to cope with future challenges in a confident and professional manner. Addressing convocation of Air War College in Karachi, he emphasized that PAF places highest premium on quality training, which is inevitable for achieving excellence.
The statement of the Air Chief is backed by ground realities as Pakistan Air Force has produced one of the finest professionals in the world. It is because of quality of the manpower that PAF is rated high among air forces of the globe. The very fact that in Friday’s ceremony apart from graduates of PAF, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy, officers from ten different friendly countries including BD, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa were there, is a testimony of professional confidence of other countries in capabilities of PAF to impart quality training and knowledge. This is despite the fact that the country faces both visible and invisible hurdles and technological barriers. The graduation ceremony, in fact, was reflective of Pakistan’s leading role in the region and in the Muslim world as centre of excellence in many respects. In the past, Pakistan earned great respect because of shining performance in different spheres of life including PIA, banking industry and diplomacy but with the passage of time things started deteriorating because of apathy and lack of required level of commitment. Our mastery over complicated nuclear and missile technology clearly shows that the country can perform wonders if our institutions are provided enabling environment to flourish.

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