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Ah! Nothing will grow there..!

IT’S been over seven years since the well in my colony was dug. I remember the contractor telling me that the ground was all rock, “Just dig!” I’d told him, and his men did. At ten feet, the rock became a harder variety, but I had urged them on. Today that same well which was finally dug at just twenty feet has supplied millions of liters of water and is going strong, despite a harsh summer approaching.
A group of seminarians decided to plant a small vegetable garden outside their hostel. It would consist of tomatoes, squash and cucumbers and the only financial investment required was for them to get a wheelbarrow, a pickax and a spade. The place didn’t allow much space for a garden, but they were determined that a small, sunny area of the stone-covered dirt parking lot could work well.
However, permission would be needed and they feared that getting their superior’s okay might be no easy task. The three seminarians explained their idea to him. “You’re wasting your time. Nothing will grow there,” he said, but he allowed them to go ahead if that was what they wanted to do.
Reluctant permission is still permission and the three young men began work. First they put stones around and outlined the garden. Then they slammed their pickax into hard dirt, turning clumps of earth upside down.
What they discovered just a few inches beneath the surface brought smiles to their faces: Dark, composted, fertile soil, likely the result of a former refuse area. Still grinning broadly, all three looked at one another and said in unison, “Ah, nothing will grow there!”
The garden, though small, turned out to be spectacular. In fact, tomatoes grew so vigorously they finally topped off at seven feet tall! Nothing will grow there indeed! Don’t believe the words “nothing will grow there.” Especially when assessing your own life. As long as you are alive you can grow and change. You don’t have to stay the way you are. Almost anything you desire can grow within you.
What do you need? Courage for a difficult task? Hope and optimism in your despair? Strength or persistence? Faith in something greater than yourself? Rekindled trust in other people?
What is it you need? Deeper understanding? A greater capacity for love? Inner peace or joy? Don’t believe that nothing will grow there. When you assess your own life, consider it with more than the eye of a gardener. Underneath the surface lies rich, fertile soil laid by One above, waiting to nurture the seeds you sow. Even more than you can imagine will grow there if given a chance..!