Agricultural farms need paradigm shift


Muhammad Mahmood, Secretary Agriculture Punjab has said that agricultural farms managed under adoptive research wing of Agriculture Department needs a paradigm shift. Muhammad Mahmood has started his visit to check the improvement in Government agricultural farms. Secretary Agriculture Punjab has issued instructions for transformation of agricultural farms during last year. Secretary Agriculture Punjab directed to cultivate high value crops on these farms.
He said that government agricultural farms comprised of thousands acre land in Punjab so need of time is to manage with aim to improve living standard of the people through increased farm income. Mahmood also directed to administer latest irrigation system on these farms so that water efficiency could be enhanced and also to cultivate there fruits and vegetables whose demand is rapidly increasing world wide.
Mahmood directed to level agricultural land under government farms with laser land leveler. Secretary Agriculture also directed to cultivate crops according to climate zone and keep in view profitability of farming community. For this purpose, agricultural farms have to prepared sustainable and climate change resilience projects focusing on the development of climate-resilient varieties of crop and crop improvement through better practices and agronomic interventions. Secretary Agriculture also directed field staff to keep liaison strong with farming community so that their problem addressed.
He also warned that officer/ officials who do not work in this direction would find themselves in hot water. Mahmood expressed his views that agriculture department’s mission is to serve the farming community with missionary zeal and for this purpose, everyone should work in this direction. Secretary Agriculture Punjab also directed staff for timely availability of fine quality agricultural inputs to the farmers. Secretary Agriculture said that there are an estimated 5.25 million farms in Punjab, of which 82 per cent are cultivated by owners while the rest are farmed either by owners along with tenants (8.5 per cent), or by tenants alone (9 per cent). Government agricultural farms should play a key role for their management and look like a role model for farmers.—Agencies

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