‘Agitators, terrorists share same agenda’


PM performs groundbreaking of Sukkur-Multan Motorway; Says Khursheed Shah must understand agitators’ motive
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Sukkur—Coming hard on his political opponents, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Friday said that terrorists and his political opponents both have identical agenda of preventing the country’s development, prosperity of the people, creating uncertainty and law and order problem.
The Prime Minister was addressing a gathering in Sukkur after ground breaking ceremony of Multan-Sukkur motorway.
The Prime Minister took another swing at his opponents, likening them to “terrorists” halting progress in Pakistan. In his strongly worded statement, the prime minister said, “People should think twice about which side they want to be on.”
“What do terrorists do? They wish to halt progress in Pakistan,” he said. Referring to the opposition, he asked: “What is the agenda of those who agitate?”
“Don’t they try to stop progress in Pakistan? Don’t they try to disrupt peace? What is the difference between them and terrorists?” he questioned.
Nawaz Sharif said today’s Pakistan is better than the Pakistan three years ago. In this connection he referred to situation in Balochistan, Karachi, reduced load shedding, improved law and order and economic situation in the country. He said today industry is getting 24 hour electricity and gas while electricity has been made cheaper by 30%. He assured that the electricity would be made more cheap when the ongoing power projects would be on stream in 2018. He said he is bound to fulfill his commitment to ending load shedding in 2018.
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif vowed that terrorists and elements pursuing agitation agenda will not be allowed to sabotage government’s development agenda.
Nawaz said that the nation has rejected those who wish to drive the country back to the dark ages. He held Pakistan Tehreek-e-Isnaf and other parties responsible for delay in completion of different projects by resorting to unnecessary protests. Foreign investment in the country was affected due to sit-ins, he added.
The Prime Minister said evil designs of the opponents of development will be frustrated and his government will continue to sincerely and honestly work for the welfare and prosperity of the people. He said transparency is the hallmark of all mega development projects initiated and completed by his government in its all three tenures.
He said Pakistan is moving towards bright future but his opponents want to take it towards darkness by their dharnas and agitations. He was confident that the people of Pakistan would reject these people as they want an end to load shedding, unemployment, poverty and education for their children. He said he will continue the task of development with full spirit.
The Prime Minister said in the last three years, they have honesty served the country and this has been verified by transparency international and the international credit rating agencies. He said this is a proof that the PML-N government was working sincerely for development and prosperity of the country. He said there is no corruption of a penny and said had there been any such happening, Musharraf regime would have unearthed that in nine years rule. “I want to lay a web of roads connecting all of Pakistan… This project will change the face of Pakistan.”
“We want Pakistan to be included in the leading economies of the world, this is our agenda,” the prime minister said. “I had promised that I will end loadshedding during my five-year term and I will stick to that promise. I will not just end it, but make electricity 30pc cheaper. We are working on roads, motorways, buildings are going up in mere weeks, workshops are being built and LNG projects are being set up,” he said, adding that more economic zones will also be set up in the province. Nawaz Sharif said today his dream is coming true which he had seen several years ago to build motorways to link KP, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. He said he again got the opportunity in 2013 and he would fulfill this dream.
He said the motorway project is to link Gwadar and Karachi with Kashgar in China. Similarly the Motorway will go to Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, China, Iran and Afghanistan as we have to link Pakistan with these countries. He said this would benefit three billion people residing in Central Asia, China nd SAARC countries while the remaining half of the people lives in rest of the world. He said the future of this region is bright.
The Prime Minister thanked China for investing such a huge amount on CPEC . He said this would have been done much earlier but delayed due to Dharnas and negative politics by Pakistani politicians. He said the nation is aware who is supporting CPEC and who are opposing it.
He said he visualizes a bright future for Pakistan and hoped that it would soon join the ranks of developed countries.
He said his government also took important decision to strengthen defence of the country and referred to the 1998 nuclear tests and other steps to make the defence impregnable.
He said the 393-kilometre long Sukkur-Multan Motorway that would cost Rs 294 billion, would be completed by next year. He announced that a 296-kilometre long motorway section between Hyderabad and Sukkur would be initiated this year. He said when the motorway would be complete between Karachi and Peshawar, people would be able to reach their destinations in hours. The Prime Minister also announced to construct a new bridge over Indus River in Sukkur at a cost of Rs 6.5 billion and work on it will start this year. He said that 125 years old bridge would be maintained as national heritage.
Nawaz Sharif mentioned opposition leader in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah in his address, saying “I am missing you Khursheed Shah Sahib. I am inaugurating bridge costing Rs 6.50 billion on River Sutlej and motorway in your area and you are demanding my resignation.” “I still consider you my friend.”

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