Aggressive diplomatic support suggested for Kashmiris


Staff Reporter Former Minister Nisar Memon has said in order to get the results on Kashmir issue a 4- point support agenda, comprising diplomatic, political, moral and material actions should be followed. He was addressing a conference on solidarity with Kashmiris held the other day. The ex-Senator suggested an aggressive diplomatic support for Kashmiris be practiced as part of our foreign policy and politically the present government should develop a support narrative in consultation with all political forces in and outside the parliament. He feared that any lapse will not only be failure of the government but of the country. “Moral support is dire need since Kashmiris have suffered at the hands of Hindutva rulers.” Finally, Memon emphasized that time had come to provide material support to Kashmiris who have sacrificed thousands of Shuhadas and millions economically are affected. “We should support them in the spirit of 2005 earthquake response of Pakistanis to those affected in North..”

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