After court verdict

CREDIT goes to Islamabad High Court for realising the woes and sufferings of people of two cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by issuing a prompt order on the petition filed by lawyer of Tehrik Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah for action against those responsible for changes in clauses relating to Khatm-e-Nabuwwat. The Court ordered the religious party to wind up its sit-in at Faizabad in view of difficulties of the people and added that the petition would be heard after the party complies with the court verdict.
The court has done its job but what next? It is clear that the sit-in at the junction of the two cities, choking all kinds of vehicular movement is grossly illegal as no one is entitled to usurp rights of others. The sit-in at Faizabad Interchange was also violation of an earlier verdict of the court that such assemblies and protests should be limited to parade ground near Shakarparian or F-9 Park. It also violated the undertaking that the sponsors of the protest gave to Punjab government that they would remain peaceful and disperse after reaching the Federal Capital. Lodging protest on an issue or grievance is legitimate right of citizens but this must be within the bounds of the law and the Constitution. Imran Khan violated this spirit and opted for sit-ins and encirclement of Islamabad, setting wrong precedents, which are difficult to counter in treacherous circumstances. Strict enforcement of law in such situations would remain a perennial problem for all the governments to come as administrative action is fraught with serious consequences. In fact, this is the reason why Federal Government is not taking any action against the religious group, which has a few hundred workers at Faizabad and it is not difficult at all for the police to take care of them. Unfortunately some segments of society, instead of supporting the government and realising the sufferings of the people, are extending support to protestors in one way or the other. Now that Parliament too has adopted an amendment in law restoring the relevant clauses in their original form, there is absolutely no justification for the protestors to inflict harm on people and infringe upon their rights.

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