Afghanistan funding abusive militias

ACCORDING to a report appearing in The Guardian, the US military and the CIA are turning a blind eye as Afghanistan’s spy agency spends foreign donor money on militias, which are committing human rights abuses that help destabilise the fragile country. The Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) arms strongmen ostensibly to fight the Taliban and other militants but some militia leaders use their new power to fight local turf wars, including against elected government officials, rather than insurgents.
This, together with other reports in the world media about massive corruption in the country, speaks volumes about state of affairs in Afghanistan and why it is unable to recover from shocks of long-drawn war. In the past, the CIA has run paramilitary Afghan units responsible for killing civilians. More recently, The Washington Post has reported that the CIA also funds and operates alongside ruthless militias in the Afghan east. All this runs contrary to public pronouncements of the US and other influential members of the global community for strengthening the Afghan Army to take up responsibilities of security. Arming and funding local militias mean stoking the civil war and complicating things further in the already complex environment. The world has poured billions of dollars during last fifteen years to rebuilt Afghanistan but these were almost wasted previously during Karzai rule and now under the Government of President Ashraf Ghani. Just in one case, $850m were lost in a fraud in Kabul Bank scam, which was described by the US as the biggest per capita fraud in the history. Unfortunately, instead of focusing their attention on real issues of their country, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and President Ghani have remained engaged in turf war and always tried to shift blames of their failures on Pakistan.

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