Afghanistan accepts ground realities

IN what could be described as a positive development to improve matters between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghan Deputy Chief of Staff General Murad Ali Murad during his meeting with Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kabul Syed Abrar Hussain on Wednesday promised to take action against terrorists on the basis of shared information. The Afghan general also called for de-escalation of tension and reopening of crossing points between the two countries.
In fact Pakistan has always desired to have cordial relations with Afghanistan but recent spate of terrorism in different parts of the country evidently controlled from across the border forced our military and civilian leadership to take some tough measures in order to ensure security and safety of its people. This included closure of borders and targeting terrorist sanctuaries operating close to the border. There was commitment at the highest level on both sides that they will not allow their territories to be used against each other but there are undeniable evidence that terrorists mostly backed by Indian intelligence agency RAW are using the Afghan soil to stoke violence and anarchy in Pakistan. The statement of Afghan general in fact is also an admission of ground realities and we expect that statement of the Afghan general will not only be a mere lip service but Afghan government will do the needful to curb terrorist elements on its territory. And it is also a fact that crossing points between the two countries cannot be shut for an indefinite period as it is hurting the transit trade and also movement of peoples. Crossing points could not be allowed to remain open free for all but people only having valid documents should be allowed to travel across the border. Whilst Pakistan has taken steps towards this end, time has come that Afghan government fulfils its responsibility of strengthening its control at the borders to check movement of undesirable elements. This is imperative to remove existing irritants.

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