Afghan envoy thanks Pakistan govt, people for hospitality towards Afghans


Dr Omar wants discrimination-free trade with Pakistan, urges media to avoid exaggeration

Nasib Shah Shinwari

Islamabad—The Afghanistan Ambassador thanked government and people of Pakistan for offering long period hospitality and respect towards Afghan nationals in Pakistan during the hard times.
Dr Omar Zakhilwal, the Ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan talking mediamen said urging the people of Afghanistan not to forget what goodwill, respect and sacrifices, which were offered by Pakistani government and countrymen for the people of Afghanistan when the Afghans were homeless and helpless. Omar said and asked the government of Pakistan for talks over the repatriation issue of Afghan refugees. He said Afghan nationals had business and their children were studying in various institutions of Pakistan urging the government of Pakistan that repatriation of Afghans were not possible in a short time.
Zakhilwal rejected the news reports that Afghanistan government has put ban to Import flour and other goods from Pakistan and said the news were baseless. He urged the media men not to publish such reports consisted wrong and unauthentic information. He said Afghanistan government want enduring friendship and long-term trade with Pakistan without any discrimination and biased policies.
The Afghan Ambassador discarded that Afghan national army and Afghan police were treating Pakistan nationals with inhuman and brutal behaviour. He said that both countries had criminal people and the media persons should not exaggerate such issues in a bad way. Zakhilwal said that all Pakistani people going to Afghanistan were receiving respect and homage from Afghan authorities.
Omar Zakhilwal said Torkham border authorities should not implement strict restrictions and ban over Afghan nationals because less restriction at Torkham was best for the ideal relationship and long-lasting friendship between the two neighbour countries.
It is to reiterate that elders and representatives of Afghanistan immigrants in various provinces of Pakistan have criticized and burst over the government of Afghanistan during a grand Jirga of Pak-Afghan officials in Islamabad for not launching serious initiatives for the repatriation of Afghan refugees. The elders of refugees urged the Afghan government to provide and guarantee the security, building of houses and business opportunities when they return Afghanistan, while the minister of SAFRON Abdul Qadir Baloch has also emphasized and urged the government of Afghanistan to take steps ensuring the successful repatriation of Afghan refugees to their homeland. All the elders of Afghan refugees applauded the hospitalities offered by Pakistani government and its people when they migrated from Afghanistan having nothing in their hands.
According to the traders alongside the Torkham border the hotels and transport business of Khyber Agency people at Torkham have badly suffered due to the strict travel restrictions being imposed by Pakistan border authorities over Afghan nationals travelling to Pakistan via Torkham.

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