Afghan ambivalence towards terrorism

A series of suicide attacks on Wednesday killed six people in different parts of the country renewing sense of insecurity amongst people and prompting the civilian and military leadership to ponder over ways to eliminate the menace of terrorism once and for all. The four attacks, on the heels of deadly bombing in Lahore, were apparently aimed at creating instability in otherwise improving security environment.
While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired a high level meeting that expressed resolve to go whole hog to defeat the menace of terrorism, Foreign Office summoned Afghan envoy to share evidence of terrorist sanctuaries being used by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar to carry out attacks inside the country. An aide-memoir containing details of terrorist attacks and supporting information was also shared with him. This was done in the backdrop of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claiming responsibility for Lahore suicide blast. It is regrettable that Pakistan has long been sharing information about presence of Pakistani Taliban on Afghan soil and the support they get in organising terrorist attacks in the country but the Afghan side has so far taken no tangible measure to deny sanctuaries to such elements. Instead, there are credible reports that both Afghan intelligence agency NDS (National Directorate of Security) and Indian RAW are providing training and funding to some terrorist outfits to carry out attacks in Pakistan as part of their plan to destabilise the country and spoil its progress and prosperity. Instead of taking action against these terrorist groups, Afghan Government is levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan of favouring some groups and targeting others whereas an indiscriminate operation is underway in different parts of Pakistan especially in FATA where, for the first time, Pakistan Army has established authority of the state. The menace of terrorism cannot be defeated without a cooperative framework among all stakeholders and therefore, Afghanistan will have to stop playing into Indian hands and engage into a meaningful and sincere collaboration with Pakistan for the sake of regional peace and security.

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