Advice to students

Punjab Governor Malik Rafique Rajwana has quite rightly given a good advice to the students not to sit idle in their homes after obtaining degrees and must join practical life making their contribution in whatever little they can towards building a strong, prosperous and developed Pakistan. The Governor who happens to be Chancellor of all public sector universities in the province gave this advice to the students at 126th Convocation of country’s premier Punjab University in Lahore the other day.
According to media reports, the Governor said that real test of the students has started with their receiving degrees and they must serve their motherland Pakistan because they are our future. He even asked the educated youth to join politics as well as the nation needed sane and sensible politicians also, freedom of expression is everybody’s right but this should not spoil others basic rights while exercising their own rights.
He pointedly stated that there is difference between education and knowledge, present era belongs to research, technology and specialization, we must learn to appreciate good initiatives and deeds of others , all political parties are patriotic but difference of opinion cannot be ruled out as such but criticism on negative things should be positive and constructive aiming at improving the matters. Hopefully, the students who have received degrees in different subjects and are planning to enter practical life in different fields will be doing their work honestly, sincerely, efficiently shunning all lust and greed for amassing wealth illegally.

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