Advertisement galore!

In television broadcasting business the commercialism has taken over the aesthetics. The programmes and their contents are mixed with the advertisements. We have had all kinds of galore but this Ads Galore has busted the homes. The owners have a special duty to oversee the programming and tailor it to the viewers demand. But they have not kept up with the pace of the times. They still are following the past practices ingrained in their minds. We can visualize the thoughts behind advertisement that goes into making a thought-provoking Ad.
One hour duration Program or serial drama contains at least 2- minute advertisements. It is a painful experience to watch such dramas and plays interrupted by repeated advertisements. No one wants to watch a complete program laced with ads. The regulators should look into this matter and restrict the ads time. Secondly these advertisements exaggerated and embellish the reality and throw the viewers off balance. The claims made in the ads should be verified and undergo severe tests. Repetition of ads within snap time must be disallowed. Regulators should act before it becomes too late.
The political advertisement or paid up ads must be limited. The content should not attract to the prurient interest of the viewers and exhibit sex related themes. The Beauty products must disclose the ingredients because they can be harmful to the skin.
We must avoid the men’s product sold by the attractive women in the most lurid manner. Pesticides and fertilizers ads are run at a time when usually the viewers are having their dinner. Whitening creams are quite misleading and are sold due to misrepresentation made in these ads. Let us limit the ad time and unnecessary interruptions.

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