Advantages of mother’s milk 

In a seminar held under the auspices of Khalil-ur-Rehman Memorial Society the experts opined that Mother’s Milk protects children from obesity and malnutrition. The seminar was held to generate awareness through Global Breast Feeding Week.  The experts said the mother’s milk is the best food for an infant of six months to two years of age. It not only helps in mental & physical growth of the children but also leaves positive effects on their health. Mother’s milk fulfils the nutrition and water needs of the babies during the summer season. Milk is essential for the growth of the child. It has been proven by the scientific research and experiments conducted in the laboratory setting. Moreover, the children get necessary protection from diseases. The children who are breast fed are normally healthier than the ones who are not so lucky. Even it has positive effects on the mothers’ health too who breast feed their children for six months to 2 years. The gap between the child birth is also necessary for mother’s good health. We need to provide awareness to the young mothers on the advantages of breast feeding because they are the ones who think this will cause some sort of disfigurement in their bodies.JAVAID BASHIRLahore

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