The advance booking tamasha..!

SINCE this government’s popularity is based on far reaching future promises I envision we can start doing some advance booking into that same rosy future being promised for us! “I have bought a Delhi- Beijing return ticket by the Great Wall Express for the year 2025m” said my neighbour,” waving a strange looking ticket in my face.
“But we have no train service to Beijing,” I said. “We will by 2025 when China is annexed by India,” said my friend happily, “all our leaders say that India will soon be a superpower, so China has no chance.” “you have paid for three fares going, but only one return?” I asked curiously.
“I booked via Tibet,” said my neighbour, “I thought I would drop off some of these exiled monks on the way as India would have also liberated Tibet by then!” I gave back the ticket to him, just as my colony sweeper and the watchman came running, holding tickets in their hands.
“I have got a ticket to the Lok Sabha for the year 2075,” said the sweeper. “And I for the Rajya Sabha in 2080,” cried my watchman. I wish my father was alive, he would never have dreamt that his son would enter Parliament.”
“But,” I protested, “you will have to live over a hundred years to enter the house.” “But we have been told that the poor will soon have representation in the future!” said the sweeper. “Who gave you these tickets?” I asked.
“The local corporator,” said the local watchman gleefully, “he is giving all of us tickets in exchange for votes.” I watched the watchman and the sweeper doing a jig together and then walking happily away. I got into my car, and was going to drive away, when I saw my neighbour’s little boy, running towards me.
“Uncle,” he cried, “see what daddy gave me for my birthday.” “A ticket to the moon for the year 2050,” I said silently as I looked at the piece of paper, cursing my neighbour and wondering how he could do this to his little son.
“Give it to me my child,” I said, “I will get you a toy instead.” “Daddy!” shouted my nephew running back to his house, “uncle’s trying to swipe my moon ticket!” I started the car and zoomed out of the compound, before I could get into any trouble with my brother. A whistle blew and a traffic cop beckoned to stop. I watched as he pulled out a speeding ticket and asked for my license.
“Officer?” I asked wearily, “could you book me in advance for the year 3000?” The traffic cop stared at me sternly; it was obvious he had not heard about the advance ticket booking for future promises tamasha.!

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