Adulterators are simply killers

THE adulterator is not one of us, said the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but it is unfortunate and undeniable reality that this immoral business, especially adulteration of food items, has over the years been playing havoc with the life of our people on a daily basis. In a report submitted by the Punjab Food Authority to the Supreme Court hearing a petition regarding substandard food made shocking revelations on Monday stating that milk being sold by some companies contain dangerous chemicals such as Formalin, which is used for preserving dead bodies. This shows how much all of us including our young souls are exposed to treacherously adulterated food by unscrupulous elements to fill their pockets at the cost of peoples’ life.
In fact the Punjab Food Authority had recently done some good work to expose and nab the elements involved in selling unhygienic food items. However this led to removal of Ayesha Mumtaz, Director Operations of Punjab Food Authority, who while rejecting all sorts of pressure sealed several food outlets and milk producing units. The removal of Ayesha Mumtaz, who also won applause from the apex court for her wonderful work against the mafia, itself speaks how powerful these adulterators are and enjoy connection with the top authorities. Adulteration in food and drugs is nothing less than an act of murder, which deserves most stringent punishment. Trial of manufacturers and wholesalers of adulterated and unhygienic food items should be carried out on a speedy basis besides the license of the company selling death to the people should also be cancelled immediately. It is a matter of satisfaction that Supreme Court is giving importance to the case on substandard food and has decided to take the issue of unsafe milk to logical conclusion. We will also pray to the Supreme Court to also look into adulteration of other food items and order strict action against them as well so that people can have access to safe and healthy food. Honest officers like Ayesha Mumtaz should be given free hand to discharge their duties, as it is the only way to purge the society of these horrendous killers.

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