Adulteration of food

Dania Shoaib

It is an undeniable unfortunate reality that adultration, especially in food items and medicines has become a curse for the society. No one can justify or defend it. There is hardly any food product which is not adulterated. The shopkeepers and the merchants try to earn a large amount of profit by this unethical practice, and so they play with the life and health of the people. They mix inferior and dangerous things in the daily eatables. Even the medicine and drugs are adulterated. We can not even think of having the commodities like petrol, ghee, oil, salt and milk, free from impurities. These merchants and traders are the enemy not only of the nation and their own children but of the entire mankind.
They should know that our holy Prophet (PBUH) has disowned those who indulge in this immoral business. He said ‘’ The adulterator is not one of us’’.The adulterators should be punished severely. An anti-adulteration drive should be started in the country. The mass media should be used to highlight names of adulterators.

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