Adjusting to others..!

WATCH a baby growing up; you will see the little one cries when it wants food, screams when it wants to go to the bathroom, and shouts whenever it feels it needs it’s mothers attention. Every time the baby cries, all the family members rush and look after its wants!
“Oh the little baby is hungry!” cry the father and mother, who, even if they are busy doing something else, leave whatever they are doing and rush to answer their child’s needs. This attention giving by family and friends continues for many years and the little child begins to think that the whole universe revolves around itself, till either another baby is born or he or she goes to school.
When a new one is born, its older brother or sister, suddenly find they have to share their time, their parent’s attention and even love with the new arrival. It is a difficult period. Sometimes this also happens when the child first goes to school and finds the teacher is not going to jump around and do whatever the child wants as happens at home; time in school has to be shared by everyone in the class!
The child slowly learns to adjust, and if it doesn’t learn to adjust with other little children, it soon finds it has no friends. The most popular child is the one who adjusts best.
Very often as we grow old, we seem to drift into second childhood. We may have adjusted throughout our lives, to our husband, our wife and children, but as small pains and aches attack our body, as we find we are physically weak, we begin to seek attention. At first it is nice to see children and others running to help us, or even listen to long stories we elderly love to tell, but slowly we become aware that not everybody wants to give us so much of attention.
Some of us immediately adjust ourselves to the new situation, others demand attention and love and more time from our children and relatives, by insisting on having them around all the time. Slowly resentment sets in, and like the little child who doesn’t learn to adjust, the elderly also find that their family stops enjoying their company.
Learn to adjust to the new situation of growing old: discipline yourself to realize that your children don’t have to heed to your advice, don’t have to be burdened by every ache or pain you get up in the morning with, that they have their own worries, and the best way to help them with their lives is quite often being understanding, quiet and caring without making demands.
Learn to adjust to new timings for breakfast lunch and dinner. Learn to adjust to not being the most important person in your home anymore, and you will find the world adjusting their lives to you..!

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