Actions speak louder

Mubbashar Riaz

Actions speak louder than words and the “saying” surfaces practically in Pakistan’s current scenario of development, the revival of the economy, job creation, curbing terrorism and militancy, growing interest of foreign companies to vigorously eyeball Pakistan for investments and above all proffering a peaceful and investment-conducive environment in the country. The world though showcase Pakistan in somehow unjustified manners, the government is facing corruption allegation in the Supreme Court and the critics leave no stone unturned to slam government in their self-created styles, but recent breakthroughs are laudable.
The inception of a new development era with CPEC, accomplishment of 12 energy projects by 2017-18, emergence of Pakistan as the fastest growing Muslim economy by 2017, positive body language of foreign and international companies to invest in Pakistan, more than 2 million job prospects with CPEC, dramatic cutback in terror activities, curtailing energy crisis, scaling down poverty to record 7% as compared to some past years, encouraging remarks by eBay CEO and submitting to promote Pakistan’s e-commerce market and recently the powerful initiative by Alibaba founder to invest in Pakistan’s tech sector are a few successful feats that current govt should be fairly credited of. This is enough but not as well; the government and authoritative bodies must deploy the investment prospects and warmly welcome the international firms to kick-start their operations and services in the country. There is a dire need that we build ourselves as a fast growing economy, a peaceful nation and the people that believe in growing constantly.
By vesting hard efforts in our IT sector, the employment opportunities will be outnumbered and it really comes in handy to offer financial independence to all age groups. Our government, the planning ministry and other relevant departments have to step forward, convey robust avidity, promise security to investors, put a life to the struggling economy and forge Pakistan as a country that appeals every international company for investment. To mention, the government must hold table talks with the investors to employ a good number of Pakistanis on their projects from planning to initiation to finalization- just to make sure the technical and professionally skilled guys are hired.

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