Action matters

The world media is full of coverage of President Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem laem as the capital of Israel. We have been hearing about governments’ disquiet throughout the world at the prospect of a conquered city becoming a national capital in violation of international law. But there is something we’re not hearing: A commitment by these governments to take concrete action against this outrageous breach by the US. We’re not even hearing of any anticipated actions against Israel itself, except a vague threat by some Muslim countries to cut diplomatic ties with Israel.
However, Germany’s Foreign Minister took the unprecedented step of warning Trump and Netanyahu of “the limits of his country’s solidarity” if they choose to take a dive off the deep end. Germany – ever cognizant of its role as the birthplace of Nazism, which caused deaths of tens of millions of people during World War II – almost never says that there is a limit to how far they will go in supporting Israel or the US. If Trump wants to break ranks with the EU and the rest of the civilized world and essentially abandon prospects for a negotiated resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, he must pay a price
These words are powerful and striking, but ultimately, what do they mean? If Trump were any normal president, he would realize that these are ominous words from Germany. But Trump isn’t an ordinary president. He’s a leader who is megalomaniacal and pathological. He is a narcissist oblivious to anything and anyone but himself. To oppose such sociopathology requires not just strong language, but strong action.
Abdul Rafay Hashmei
Kotli, Azad Kashmir

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