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Action against quacks

QUACKS continue to play with the life of innocent people. In the latest despicable incident, a minor girl died after receiving an injection at a quack clinic in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal area. According to the victim’s father, the girl was taken to the clinic to seek treatment for cough, flu and congestion but her condition deteriorated within moments after being injected by a so-called doctor there. Police arrested the suspected quack on Saturday night and according to police officials, the person does not appear to be a MBBS doctor.
This issue of fake doctors is not confined to Karachi alone but our cities, towns and villages are filled with these quacks but the regrettable part is that law comes into action only when such an incident of death is reported on the media. According to Pakistan Medical Association, more than six hundred thousand quacks are practicing in Pakistan but how many died because of their treatment is not known to anybody. All these illegal practitioners, including dispensers, paramedics, uncertified Hakeems and faith healers, use doctor with their names. A number of such quacks also run their advertisements on local cable networks, claiming that they can successfully treat hepatitis or any other chronic disease in a couple of days. But virtually they contribute to spread communicable diseases such as AIDs and Hepatitis by using a single syringe on several patients. Because of lack of awareness and sometimes due to non-existence of a public sector medical facility, people are compelled to visit such quacks. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf had come to the power with the slogan of bringing a visible change in the living standards of the people by providing them better health and education facilities and it is now time for them to deliver on this front. Both the federal and provincial governments should make coordinated efforts to eliminate the curse of quackery from the country. Strict punishment should be given to the quacks as per the laws in order to protect the lives of innocent people from these butchers.