Act against terrorist!

First of all, let’s prove with solid proof, who is terrorist? For this purpose, the scribe thinks, best way is to chase the pages of history. Certainly, this source is witnessing that Atom-Bomb (AB) was created and dropped by Americans during World War-II on the people of Japan. And, till-to-date, it is Uncle Sam, who is creating latest technologies (arms+drugs) for killing of human beings over the globe!
Amongst other witnesses, Ex-President of Afghanistan – US is sitting here along with 42 countries for capturing Central Asian States – said recently that, Americans have created IS (Daesh). And, Washington is also, arming this Terrorist Group fully. So, without any other search, proof and argument, everybody is compelled to say openly, that Uncle Sam was/is ‘Terrorist-Number-One’. And, if anyone around the globe argues otherwise, may bring proof, in black-and-white like this column!
“If Pakistan fails to act against terrorists (in other words ‘do more’) US will get it done in a different way: Tillerson”. Agree. But, note it! Certainly, Pakistan is fighting and will fight against every terrorist on her own, except the US – because this ‘responsibility’ is also, of civilized nations over the globe. And, if and when, compelled to do so, twenty-crore souls are quite ready to scarify in defence of motherland with full force!!
Tatrinote, AK

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