ACM rally against corruption

Sher Gondal

Mandi Bahauddin—Core group Anti Corruption Movement (ACM) in a meeting have decided to take out a rally on June 4, 2016 from Judicial Complex to DCO Office in support of ACM demand for government transparency and accountability, ACM coordinator Ijaz Khokhar Advocate said while talking to media persons here the other day.
He said un-abated corruption had crippled basic functions of the state, like security and justice, cor-ruption had created frustration and vacuum that extremists were filling with false promises of better deal. He said corruption is one of the greatest chal-lenges to the whole nation. It is an abuse of power at all levels in both the public and private sectors, and it had affected all of us adversely.
The corruption has destroyed people’s trust of government and rulers. It has destroyed economic development; it has eroded confidence of the people in democratic institutions and prepared the way for criminal mafias to play around with impunity. On a question he said ACM had prepared a package of actions. Its workers would expose corruption so there is no-where to hide.
They would point out perpetrators to concerned authorities for punishment. They would support those affected by corruption and struggle to drive out the culture of corruption wherever it ex-isted. He said if honest officers and rulers showed will and cooperated, ACM would surely succeed in achieving its objectives.

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