Acknowledgement of IAEA Chief

DIRECTOR General International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano has praised the arrangements made for the security of nuclear power plants operating in Karachi. Mr. Amano, who visited the plants on Wednesday, said that the new Kanupp-II and III ‘plants are very heavily protected. Your country needs more electricity and you are committed to nuclear safety, you are working with the IAEA’.
This is not for the first time that the IAEA has appreciated the excellent safety record of Pakistan as different heads of the agency have been making such remarks during annual meetings of IAEA, during bilateral meetings with Pakistani leaders and more importantly during inspection visits carried out to verify on-ground situation. However, regrettably, some vested interests have been indulging in propaganda campaign against Pakistan’s nuclear programme including its peaceful uses like power plants to produce electricity which is crucial for meeting the energy crisis and ensuring energy security on a long term basis. These interests did not spare K-II and K-III despite the fact that Pakistan, in close collaboration with IAEA, has made necessary provisions in the plans to ensure safety and security as per international standards. There is excellent cooperation between Pakistan and the IAEA and the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Programme with Pakistan is one of its largest in the world and that is why the agency is fully aware of each and every aspect of security and safety of projects being implemented by the country on civilian side. We also hope that the countries, discriminating against Pakistan as far as peaceful use of nuclear technology is concerned, would also listen to the plea of the DG, IAEA that access to nuclear power should not be limited to the developed countries alone.

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