Accountability yes, but more is needed Mr Imran

STANDING like a towering and main opposition leader at the Lahore’s mammoth public gathering, Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Imran Khan once again repeated allegations of corruption against the top leadership of ruling PML-N and said that Nawaz Sharif being chief executive of the country must face accountability before anybody else.
In our view it is a legitimate function and role of the opposition parties to highlight burning issues facing the nation in order to bring transparency and make the society free of all ills including corruption to ensure progress and prosperity. In fact, the opposition has an important role to play in further strengthening democratic institutions and norms while keeping an eye on government performance. Since 2013, Imran led PTI first agitated against alleged electoral rigging and now mobilising public opinion on Panama leaks, which is about the offshore holdings of Sharif family. Apart from raising such issues on the streets, time has come for Imran to take stock of his future programmes and follow best parliamentary practices, which are norms of well-established democracies around the world. The concept of Shadow cabinet- an alternate cabinet to that of the government- is quite prevalent in different countries especially the Britain which is formed to propose alternative and better plans and policies to the actual cabinet. We believe that this system can also work in Pakistan. As the PTI Chairman is quite inspired by the British parliamentary system, we ask the party to follow this rudimentary part of the British politics and present its alternate plans on different sectors including education, health besides framing a full-fledged document on foreign policy. Currently, however, Imran Khan is only afflicting harm to himself as well as the party by overemphasising a single issue of corruption. After the general elections also, he spent all his energies towards raising the issue of rigging while forgetting other problems faced by common man. We, therefore, would advise the PTI Chairman to rise above settling personal scores and put forward for public debate a broad based national agenda envisaging development plans for different sectors.

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