Accountability is the tool to keep in check the rulers in a democratic society. No society can remain viable in an atmosphere of rampant corruption. Why do we emphasise on the morality? Morality gives direction to honest living. We do need to root out the menace of corruption from our society.
We have several institutions, organizations and departments that deal with eliminating corruption. No society can prosper without fighting against organized corruption and corrupt practices. We have laws enacted and on the books but these laws are not implemented. My question is where is the implementation of the Constitution and laws in Pakistan. We do not get tired of blaming and accusing people of corruption but no action is taken against them.
People involved in mega corruption go scot-free. They appear before Courts and anti-corruption departments and come out clean without any blemish. We have had charged Prime Ministers from Hussain Shaheed Surhawardhi to Raja Parvaiz Ashraf in the past but nothing was done against them. The corrupt (whether they are holy cows) should be severely punished to deter others from following their footsteps. This is the only solution!

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