Account hacked

Ayesha Abbas Jaspal

What happened when a Facebook, Hotmail, Instagram or other personnel account got hacked? “oho koi der lgti hai naya bnane mein… koi nhe yar naya bna lo It’s just a account”. Is this the only response we are getting from our surroundings? Is this that simple and easy to make another one? In my opinion, I don’t think so. Posting status, pictures, having chats with friends, is not the whole idea of social network but rather people also do have some important stuff that might be related to academics or some other professional or career point of view. What makes me to think over this issue is that I myself became the victim of hacking. A few days back my Facebook account along some other people got hacked because of a viral virus. What kind of Virus is this?
For me it is just like out of sudden someone just popped up in my house and throw me out. What about the memories I had for the last decade that depicts my personnel life? What about private messages? And being a part of a middle class family, what about my personnel information and photos? Nothing but a fear in my mind that will hacker be going to misuse my information or will sell my esteem? Moreover what gets bad to worse when the victim caught up between rock and a hard place where recovery of your account is not possible? That much talented hackers we have, wow! Other than hacking, kidnapping, abusing, fraud etc are being also carried out through social network. There should be some policies or interference of strong institutions or even government to curb such crimes.
Nowadays, playing with lives through social networks is becoming immense day by day. I have also never realized this infliction until what I have been through. People so called HACKERS don’t understand that social networks are neither a game nor a joke. So please stop playing with others’ life. Don’t take others’ personnel accounts extraneous.

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