Accidents of oil tankers

Not a day passes that we hear about the oil tanker accident. These tankers have become greater risk for the people. Perhaps there is lack of awareness about petrol being an inflammable material. It can easily catch fire and explode the tanker. One can imagine the destruction and loss of life in such an eventuality. This is exactly what happened in the Ahmadpur Sharqia accident case? The poor villagers unaware of the dangerous condition created by the spilling of oil walked into the death trap. The inferno killed more than 250 people. But we have not learned any lesson from that tragedy. Are we so stupid or do not care? For a few bucks of oil, we put our lives on risk, a risk too great! I do not think there is any chivalry involved in this greedy act. The victims received compensation for acting foolishly. The government should stop acting in such a benevolent manner. After all the compensation is paid from tax money. Recently a few more oil tankers met the accident and we saw the same loot. I think loot and plunder has become part of our culture. The beggars cannot be choosers.

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