Accepting the defeat

Yousaf Alamgirian
QUESTIONS are being asked by American citizens that why America has failed in Afghanistan. On the other hand American agents have started speaking truth regarding the incident of 9/11 that they were ordered by the authorities to do limited activity in World Trade Centre that they did with the spirit of patriotism. America attacked Afghanistan after the 9/11 incident along with the NATO forces to teach lesson to the so-called terrorists. It has also been learnt that none of the Afghan citizen was involved in attack still America chose this place to be the battleground for the next many decades.
Now it is more than one decade that American forces entered into Afghanistan. Different deadlines were given for expulsion of the forces from Afghanistan one of those was 2014 but America couldn’t manage to pull out its forces. Because the afghan government and it national army are not capable and confident enough to run the affairs and fight with the enemy within and opponent Taliban. It is obvious by the media reports that Taliban have reemerged in Afghanistan to the extent that now they very confidently attack on forces deputed there either foreign forces or afghan national army. Reason being the world and the American citizens are not buying the success stories of American establishment that they are winning the war in Afghanistan. It is pertinent to note here that when so ever American establishment is questioned there in America regarding losing the war in Afghanistan it start blaming Pakistan for the defeat. Sometimes Pakistan is blamed for not doing enough against certain Taliban groups and sometimes it is blamed for its interference in Afghanistan. Whereas matter of the fact is that interference is made from across the border inside Pakistan.
Many of the Cross border attacks were made from Afghanistan side on Pakistani posts. Moreover Afghanistan has never been supportive to the border management measures taken by Pakistan border to resolve this issue once for all. Fact of the matter is that Pak-afghan border is about 2600 kilometer long porous border. Which is difficult to be managed still Pakistan is solely doing efforts to manage this border by establishing check posts at the border, fencing the border, and digging trenches at some part of the border. World needs to realize that the porous border is not only a threat to the world peace but it is one of the cause to increase in narcotics , smuggling and other crimes. So Pakistan’s efforts are needed to be supported in true spirit.
On the contrary American establishment has recently announced to stop coalition support fund installment of 35 billion dollars. It is alright if America is no more interested to support Pakistan in this context then it should delink itself from this part of the world and should stop interfering in South Asia affairs. Pakistan should also make its own way to fight the menace of terrorism which was not heard before 9/11 which has been exposed as drama by a CIA agent who is on death bed now. May be he wants to say truth before leaving this world. After 9/11 incident world for the first time heard the name of Al-Qaida and Osama bil laden as its commander.
Who was later on killed in a mysterious operation whose details are yet to be known by the world? One of the commandos who participated in the operation later on left the army and wrote a book regarding that operation. American courts not only punished him but also ordered him to return the money he received in terms of the royalty of the book to the govt. On the contaray an intelligence contractor Raymond Davis has also written a book with the name of “contractor”. This book seems to be promoted by the hidden hands as its whole manuscript is available on net in PDF format. So it shows anything which promotes their theme is easily accessible. Others are questioned and punished. It is worth mentioned here that terms like Al-Qaeda and Daesh (IS) are introduced by west which are being accepted and promoted by world and the Muslims as well against whom all this is being used. West and Western media has however remained successful in linking terrorism with Muslims. World needs to understand that a terrorist can be a Muslim but every Muslim is not a terrorist.
America needs to review its policies which are ruining world peace and due to which so-called ‘global village’ is bleeding like anything. World must be remembering that America entered its army into Iraq in the garb of presence of chemical weapons. America did carpeting bombing, destabilized a smooth running government of Iraq. President Saddam Husain was killed. Iraq is still in the condition of turmoil and different groups are fighting with each other. America later on handed over the Iraqi government to its like minded Iraqi leaders and pulled out its forces and celebrated it as a great success. However after sometimes America itself accepted that the information of presence of chemical weapons in Iraq was not true. So a Muslim country was destabilised just on fake information. America needs to realise that being a super power it has certain responsibilities. It must not form the policies which ruin the world peace.
It must have transparent stance regarding the world affairs. It must not link terrorism to Islam as Islam as a religion nothing has to do with terrorism. It is spreading because of the unjust policies of certain powers and their lack of interest to resolve the issue. It will be good if America could reconcile that if it wants to bring peace inside America it should promote peace outside America. Former secretary of the state of America and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once herself said that America left Pakistan in isolation after the Russian forces were defeated in Afghanistan. That was the time when Pakistan was to be helped out and given patronage to meet the challenges ahead.Still Pakistan is fighting on the western border to clear the remaining assets of the terrorists. World instead indulging into blame games need to recognize the same.
— The writer is freelance analyst based in Islamabad.

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