Abysmal health sector

The most essential sector for the prosperity of our country is unfortunately the most disregarded in Pakistan. It is health sector which is in dismal state. The amount spent on health services out of the total GDP is hardly sufficient to bring any meaningful betterment in the system. Abysmal health services of the country leave the patients with the only option of private hospitals.
Shockingly, people who are being thrown on the filthy beds of the government hospitals and those who are not even allowed entry into the wards due to lack of space only hear the hollow slogans of politicians. If government hospitals in major cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad can leave a person astounded then condition of the backward areas can rightly be estimated. Due to government’s apathy when it comes to health sector, millions across Pakistan are deprived of basic healthcare. Hence, the government should be in serious need of reassessing its policies and priorities so that the health sector should be given preference and importance.
Ball Nigwar

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