Abominable Indian face in historical perspective

Rayyan Baig

The Muslims of subcontinent lived for centuries with Hindus and others in complete harmony under Muslim rulers.
The art, culture and economy flourished during this period and the fruits were reaped by all, irrespective of difference of caste, creed and faith. However, after British rule the Muslims were treated as second rate citizens, especially after 1857. The Hindus conspired with British rulers and slowly and gradually dominated in all the fields making lives of Muslims difficult. Fed-up from the ill-treatment, the Muslims of Subcontinent struggled for a long time for their homeland and ultimately under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam saw the fulfillment of their dreams on 14 August 1947. The dream of Muslims of Subcontinent was not accomplished cheaply rather around 10 million people lost their lives in an effort to reach their new homeland.
The incredible feat of creating a new and the biggest Islamic State of the World couldn’t have been possible without a dynamic leader like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He had the company of some very dedicated companions; his flotilla of freedom struggle included towering personalities from Bengal as well. Among them were personalities like, Nawab Sir Khawaja Salimullah Bahadur, A K FazlulHaq, Khawaja Nazimuddin and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy etc. Within a year of the creation of Pakistan the Quaid-e-Azam left and was soon followed by Quaid-e-Millat Liaqat Ali Khan in 1951. After the untimely death of both these iconic leaders the opportunist politicians and infatuated power grabbers grappled the reigns and damaged the very foundations of the fledgling democratic structure of the state. No effort was made to unite the nation, rather for their personal gains the politicians exploited the public on various pretexts. Though the era of Ayub Khan saw lot of development and progress in the country especially in East Pakistan which could act as a cause of uniting the nation but the politicians continued playing their own games. The post 1970 elections period saw unrest due to the greed and political immaturity of the leaders/ politicians. The situation was fully exploited by our arch rival India, who managed to create and then widen the gulf between the brothers and the two wings of the nascent country, and ultimately broke it into two.
The perfidious Sheikh Mujibur Rahman conspired with India to break the country as far back as early 1960s. The elections of December 1970 and the conduct of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto provided a golden opportunity to Shaikh Mujeeb to fulfil the mutually hatched ploy, between Indira Gandhi and him, to break Pakistan. The biggest and progressing Muslim country of the World was cut to size. However, the dreams shown by Shaikh Mujeeb to Bengali public soon got shattered and an era of bloodshed and oppression ensued in the hands of Indian trained, financed and equipped Mukhti Bahini terrorists. Thousands of innocent Bengalis and non-Bengalis were killed and girls raped by these terrorists during 1971 war and beyond. Shaikh Mujeeb on returning back to Bangladesh, on the behest of India, claimed three million deaths of Bengalis and the rape of three hundred thousand women by Pakistan Army, which could never be substantiated. In addition to the first Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh, Syed A Karim, various renowned scholars, researchers and journalists, like Professor Gary Bass, Sarmila Bose, Ingwar Oja, Peter Gill and others have refuted these claims. Sarmila Bose as a result of her years of research concluded the death toll as 58,000 which included soldiers from both Pakistan Army, Indian Army and Bengali and non-Bengali civilians. Similarly the claims of 300,000 rape cases also flunked badly as the camps established, with lot of pomp and show, by Shaikh Mujeeb to grant status of Hereon to the rape victims couldn’t gather more than 100 girls that too were mostly the victims of Mukti Bahini goons. Pakistan Army with just 20,000 troops, later raised to 34,000, and fighting around 200,000 Indian troops and equal number of Mukti Bahini could barely defend itself what to talk of indulging in any other activity. The false and dishonest proclamations made by Shaikh Mujeeb have never been taken back due to the sheer obstinacy of those politicians who use these for political mileage.
The Indian leaders never accepted the reality of Pakistan since 1947 and did whatever was possible to harm and discredit it. Indian leadership was directly involved in the dismemberment of a sovereign country in violation of International laws. The memoirs of ex Indian COAS FM Manekshaw reveal that Indira Gandhi had planned dismemberment of Pakistan in April 1971.

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