Abdullah Abdullah-Ghani falling apart

IN a public outburst highlighting bitter internal divisions, Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has castigated his ally President Ashraf Ghani as unfit for Presidency. These televised remarks late on Thursday raised fresh questions about the stability of the coalition formed in 2014 after both Ghani and Abdullah claimed victory in the Presidential elections and there were fears of armed clashes between their supporters. Under the US brokered deal to end the deadlock, Abdullah Abdullah was given the seat of the Chief Executive but we have seen that he has never been satisfied with the powers entrusted to him under this deal.
Given the rivalry between the two camps, apprehensions were also raised at the very outset about the Afghan power sharing deal and the unfit arrangement weaved by John Kerry. The outburst of Abdullah Abdullah against Ghani has actually exposed how far they are apart on different matters. This situation is worrisome and ultimate sufferers of this will be none other than the Afghan people who already have suffered a lot because of decades of conflicts and civil war. In the best interest of their people, we expect that sanity will prevail within the top echelons of Afghan government and instead of holding grudges against each other, they will sit together to sort out the differences. At this point of time when efforts are being made for intra Afghan reconciliation on the part of different countries, it is imperative that those ruling the country first maintain unity within their ranks as the cracks will further push the country towards chaos and anarchy and add to the woes and miseries of the people. It is up to the Afghan unity government whether it wants to steer the country towards disarray or is really interested to make peace a reality. It is time the Afghan leaders purely focus on the peace process and also trust the efforts being made in this regard by Islamabad, as peace in the fraternal country in fact is vital to ensure peace and stability in Pakistan itself.

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