Abbasi’s right priorities

IN his maiden address after his victory in elections as interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi spelled out what his priorities would be irrespective of time-constraints. He expressed his resolve to strengthen economy of the country as per vision of his leader Mian Nawaz Sharif, attract investment, develop agriculture sector on modern lines, eliminate the menace of load-shedding after November this year and promote tax culture.
Every word of his speech conveyed a vivid impression that he was speaking from the core of his heart and is determined to make a difference. And that is what the country needs and PML-N ought to do to remain relevant and effective in the face of grave challenges and impending electoral battle, which would decide its own fate and that of the nation. Economy and development have been the hallmark of MNS government and it is quite understandable that his choice of successor would pursue this agenda with the same zeal. Apart from mega projects of motorways and highways, one can witness ongoing development work especially road network in many parts of the country and especially in each and every corner of Punjab that would put Pakistan on path of progress and prosperity. Abbasi, a hardworking businessman, knows well how to proceed ahead and we are sure he would succeed in his endeavour. Promotion of tax culture is need of the hour and the nation would welcome his announcement that he would go after tax evaders. This is a difficult mission and even his own colleagues might not extend the sincere support but he has to carve out the way to put the economy on a sound footing. Similarly, no one should oppose his plans to cancel licenses of automatic weapons, as this would contribute a lot in improving law and order situation and projecting a soft image of the country. Most important is the point highlighted by Abbasi that all parliamentarians should work hard and come together to restore dignity and honour of Parliament. Parliament was rendered irrelevant and ineffective in playing any positive and constructive role in resolving the political crisis and upholding its own prestige just because of short-sightedness of the parties and their leaders. They will have to change their thinking as well as approach, otherwise Parliament would lose the remaining respect as well.

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