Aaqib Javed invited as an expert in spot-fixing inquiries

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Former Pakistani fast bowler Aaqib Javed has been invited as an expert observer on the ongoing spot-fixing allegations against players in the Pakistani Super League (PSL), it is learnt here.
According to the highly placed sources in the PCB, the Anti-Corruption Tribunal comprising of Justice (retired) Asghar Haider, General (retired) Tauqeer Zia and Wasim Bari has summoned Aaqib Javed on July 6 and give his verdict after seeing the footage of one of the PSL matches where Sharjeel played the two dot balls.
“Aaqib, who has coached the Pak. players will be asked whether the balls were played on merit or in a pre-determined manner”, the source explained, adding, “at present only Aaqib has been invited but more players will be called, if required”.
“Both parties- the PCB and Sharjeel Khan will also be given an opportunity to cross-examine Aaqib”.
In another development, the Anti-corruption tribunal has also dismissed the PCB’s appeal to invite Sharjeel Khan into the witness box.
“The charges are levelled by the PCB and they have to prove the allegations and it is not the other way round where Sharjeel has to prove his innocence first”, the source further added.
Sharjeel Khan, through his three witnesses, Dean Jones, Sadiq Mohammad and Mohammad Youfuf have already told the court that the dot balls were played on merit and not in a
pre-detemined manner as alleged by the PCB.

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