Aamir Khan debuts his crazy new look for Secret Superstar and his crew has a field day


Dangal star Zaira Wasim did not have a lot of words to describe Aamir Khan’s look for their upcoming film Secret Superstar, slated to release coming October.

“It’s just… ewww,” Wasim said as she attempted to describe the snug, gaudy T-shirts Shakti Kumar, Aamir’s character in the film, wears. His hair is heavily gelled with blonde-ish spikes, wearing earrings and golden chains around his neck.

The character is completely opposite to how Aamir Khan is in his personal life. “One of my toughest roles!” Aamir said on a video he posted to his Facebook page.
“What is wrong with you?!” cinematographer Anil Mehta exclaimed as he laughed in disbelief looking at Aamir’s not-so-sophisticated dressing.

“[In reality], he’s really simple, basic and organic,” writer and director Adyalt Chandan said — which is why his full ‘maila’ look and behaviour ensued delirium on the sets.

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