A world without my glasses..!

ON silver sands on a beachfront a pair of reading glasses looked myopically at the sea. They belonged to me. I discovered they were missing only after reaching home.
Couldn’t find my spare pair either, nor the ones made for computer screen. I could do everything but read. The morning papers arrived the next day: “Don’t strain your eyes!” said my wife. I did and smiled, how different was the news. “Awesome!” I shouted as I read the headlines, “Israel and the Palestinians were going to sit and work things out!” A little farther I read how Trump had decided forget the wall. “What about Mexicans coming in?” I pondered aloud.
“Trump wants more Mexicans and Indians in the US!” I read aloud. “That’s fantastic!” I cried, “It says Trump found out that his grandmother was Mexican and that’s changed his heart towards immigrants!”
I held the newspaper closer to my eyes and eyeballs nearly fell out in sheer astonishment, “Imran is willing to play a friendly match with Modi!” I shouted, “They’re willing to have peace talks between each over!” I shouted waving the newspaper and jumping around the room.
“You better be careful, you’re not wearing your spectacles!” said my wife, “I don’t need broken limbs and a blind husband!” “Who needs glasses!” I shouted jubilantly, “Peace is round the corner!” I switched on the television, and watched a reality show, “Arnob looks so calm and peaceful!” I walked over to the window and looked out, “Hey,” I cried, “Look at Mr Hussein walking along with Mr Kumar! I wonder where they’re going?”
“Maybe to the boxing ring!” said my wife with a yawn, “are you sure you’re seeing right?” “Never better!” I shouted, “The world is changing!” The doorbell rang, “Sir,” said a man smiling at the door, “we found these glasses at the beach!”
“Thank you!” I said and put them on; the man was not smiling, he was scowling. I looked at the newspaper, “Trump wants the wall!” I ran to the TV, the newscaster had tears as she showed bodies piling up in Syria.
I stared at newspaper again, “Pak fires at India!” read the headlines. I threw the glasses on the floor. “Why didn’t you leave my glasses where you found them?” I cried, but the man had already left, “It was a wonderful world, without them..!”

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