A welcome Saudi proposal

Javaid Bashir

Saudi Arabia has proposed to form a “Defence Alliance” of Muslim Countries on the pattern of NATO Alliance. Saudi leadership gave the proposal at the conclusion of the recent joint defence exercises. Pakistan has been given the responsibility to prepare the framework of this project.
I think this is an excellent opportunity to form a united front of Islamic countries. Pakistan has the requisite fire power and professional expertise to form grand alliance. Presently, the Islamic countries are facing many problems and challenges. The Progression of ISIS (Islamic State) is strengthening the terrorist organizations all over the world. In order to meet the modern day challenges, the Muslim countries need to unite and form a formidable armed force. Attack on one country (member) should be considered attack on all. This way, we would be able to counter any attack. In order to clean the mess created by the dictatorial rule of years, we must act jointly. The greater interest of the Islamic Ummah must become collective responsibility of the members.
In a meeting between King Salman and Prince Muhammad the Defence Minister with the Pakistani leadership, it was decided to actively pursue this proposal and turn it into the desired Joint Armed Alliance. Pakistan has the experience and professional expertise to make it a successful enterprise.
—Via email

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