A tree fell..!

IT was a strange wind that blew two nights ago; not from the usual west, but from the east, a phenomena, no doubt created by strange currents. It blew strong and hard, the loudest I’d heard a wind shriek, and in the middle of the shrieking, there was a roar and a thud and I knew a tree had fallen.
When the rains abated I went down and found a mango tree downed. But that was not all. There had been a tree cutting spree in the neighbourhood lately, and trees, with their branches cut, were left as mutilated stumps. An area known for its luscious trees, for its greenery, for the rich lovely air it produced was left barren, felled by an electric saw, sliced and cut with no permissions granted.
But when the tree cutters came to the mango tree, the owner had pleaded, “It gives good fruit, please leave it alone!” He had stood his ground, and the tree cutters and the powers that be had grumbled but left him and the tree alone. But now the tree lay beaten. Beaten by a wind more powerful than its roots could take.
It’s the third day, today; its Diwali and the tree still lies across the road, left there by the powers that be, to tell the world how right they were. “We told you trees fall!” they smile and say. “He refused to allow us to cut the tree!” said an office-bearer, as I went to inspect the same.
“It was a strong wind!” I told him. But to prove a point they have left the fallen tree to block the road, making people suffer so they will see how right they were, in wanting the tree cut! And if the strong, treacherous wind had not come suddenly and the tree had stood, I’m sure everybody would have enjoyed the it’s mangoes without thanking the man who had pleaded for the tree.
Cutting down all the trees because they can fall, is like staying at home, and not venturing out, because we are scared anything can happen. “Why don’t you get a job?” “And travel, and get into an accident? Or fall sick?”
The branches of the tree had been trimmed as a precaution, which is the same as we taking care against any eventuality or calamity, like wearing a helmet, so we won’t fall from a bike. Learning to drive safely, so we won’t get into accidents! But we don’t refuse to get on the road because we are afraid!
But the tree lies across the road, this Diwali, delivering a message to all the people, “Don’t take risks, we’ll penalize you for that!” Sound a lot like the present government, doesn’t it? ‘Don’t say anything against us, or you are in danger, and we stay silent..!‘
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