A State without Foreign Minister!

Muhammad Azam Minhas

From where, Scribe have to start, on the title, unable to explain, except lamenting? It is said – everyman knows his business best. The responsibilities of the slot of PM are deep like sea and high like sky, even then, holding, the position of Foreign Minister (FM) additionally, is out of mind! No argument that our Adviser on Foreign Affairs is a matchless personality in the world, which he proved, during his tenure as Foreign Minister. And, he is performing his responsibilities as Advisor at present, the best. But, the slot of FM holds heavier assignments – legally and logically – if one studies deeply.
Due to vacant slot of FM, wall chalking is spreading rapidly day-in and day-out. Scribe’s personal experience during a visit to Saudi Arabia is that, our manpower is weeping due to non-approach to our responsible heads of foreign affairs around globe. Instead foreign exchange earners of India, BD and likes are happy, so earning more if compared with Pakistan. They are well treated by their own Embassies and country in which they are working accordingly. So, if, there is no able person available in 20-crore people then, slot of FM may be filled-in by re-designating slot of Adviser to FM – if law permits, or by amending existing one. Foreign affairs is immeasurable subject which is quite different from PM’s slot, because, it needs special grooming, learning and training of a person of whole-life, logically. Honestly, explaining, due to scrawny foreign policy, we have already suffered a lot of loss in past which is still going-on.
The world is pointing fingers on new President of US in case of his less experience in foreign affairs – because, in fact, he is a popular, businessman also. So, the think-tanks think that his mind-set can throw the world into a deep-hole at anytime! So, being a sincere, loyal, senior citizen and columnist, scribe will request Honb. PM to think over it. Because, it is also, extraordinary burden for PM’s position which can affect his health in the long run, definitely. And, also that, a State without a strong Foreign Minister, holds a little weight during one-to-one discussions on the table, and signing of pacts on equal-basis, with other Nations, de facto!

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