A Sindhi Wadera speaks

This is with reference to a YouTube video in which legendary Anwar Maqsood presented a skit based on a Sindhi wadera who received loans from various banks in the wake of nationalized policy of Bhutto. Those politicians who took loans never thought of repaying it. They found various ways to dupe impotent government. This practice, although not at bigger level, is still going on.
Every incumbent government pays tributes to its workers in the shape of loans with the guarantee of not paying them back, lands with the solid authority on them, and various other means. The local politicians at national, provincial, district, tehsil, and then union levels consider themselves to be above the law. They roam without any anxiety and accountability. The only deficiency this skit has is that Anwar Maqsood highlighted only one ill found in our political paradigm – taking loan and not paying it back. The obvious reason was staying to point. There may be other videos, but that specific one portrayed just a feudal lord.
I really was shocked to see the response of some Sindhis including some renowned names who turned the video against Sindhi culture. They, to some extent, became successful in turning it a racist piece against the people and the culture of the province. It was owing to their pressure that he has to apologize for it. It was purely a satirical piece presented critically. Besides a satirical piece, it was portraying reality, and this is not only about Sindhi, similar situation can be found across the country.
Certain people with influence benefitted a lot during their beloved leaders’ regimes. It really shows their narrow-mindedness who instead of moaning over deplorable situation of Sindh gave a pat on the status quo. This is the reason institutions like PIA, Steel Mills have become white elephants for the nation. I hope we understand the reality which is far more severe than this. Unless we understand it, Pakistan will keep on heading toward deterioration unceasingly.

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