A rise up against taboo issue

Areeba Abdul Qadir

When it comes to discussing issues which are objectionable on a public platform, people find it difficult to express their suffering in order to maintain their honour and respect in this cruel society which, unfortunately, never fails to point the finger towards a person who has been a victim of molestation. A good initiative has been taken by our media to portray these taboo issues which have been a source of utter humiliation for families. The most disturbing fact observed on a massive scale is that child raping cases are kept under a shell because the victim then fails to survive in this society regardless of what she or he has been through.
By making documentaries and dramas related to this problem has helped people to understand that this is not something to be silent on, in fact, by taking a strong step against the molester can help in putting halt to what we call a never ending problem. This, in turn, helps in boosting victim’s confidence which can create an idea of a peaceful and normal life coming ahead of her. Awareness, thanks to our media, has led people to ponder over the fact that this is not something to be shameful about, instead it is a step back which can be overcome by standing with our heads high and boosted up morals to show that no one has the right to stop one’s life. All of this is possible if we support and stand with person who has already been suffering throughout.

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