A question to ponder on

Afreen Mirza

As the common saying goes, “The strength of the nation lies in the well-being of the common man.” Keeping this saying in mind can we say that Pakistan has strength? Can we say that Pakistanis have sense of security? Can we say that when a Pakistani leaves for work every morning his family members are relaxed at home? No! I would say answer to all these questions is big NO! When a VIP is not safe in this country with so much of security behind his back then we all know the state of the common people living here.
When a person leaves his house in the morning, the family members left at home remain restless till he or she returns back. Is this the sign of a strong nation? Knowing the uncertain situation of are country, still our government and its relevant institutions are just sitting back and chilling. So many people who have been kidnapped, and are still missing; their complains are registered but no step is being taken, so many families whose members were shot dead under the slogan of “target killing” did not get justice. Why? Because each person kidnapped is not a child of any VVIP, or all these affected families are not big guns. Even some celebrities are also not safe here and we have a live example of Amjad Sabri. Then who is safe here? Just think about it…
— Karachi

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