A public hanging..!

THE judge looked with distaste at the blood stained man standing before him.
“You have been accused of the murder of two Christian priests,” he said. “Murder,” laughed the defendant, “is such a simple word…. How I laughed when I saw one of them screaming in the fire, and the other with an arrow through his head. Ha, ha, ha, ha……”
The judge closed his mind from the maniacal sound and looked at the papers in front of him. “You have no past record of any criminal activity,” he said. “That’s because I did not know what was criminal activity before,” said the murderer. “In fact, your records say that you had friends belonging to other religions and communities,” said the judge.
“That’s because I did not know they were from other religions and communities,” said the accused. “Fool that I was, I just accepted them as my friends. If I had known that they were different from me, I would have killed them.” “The judge looked up sharply from the papers he was studying. “When did you suddenly realize that these so called friends of yours, who once you considered as your brothers, were different?” he asked.
“Last year,” shouted the murderer. “Suddenly every platform, every hall, every meeting place, had speakers telling me that these men and women were my enemies, that they were only posing to be my brothers. I listened to their speeches and my blood boiled. I felt hate surge through my veins, and my hands waited to lay hold of their pagan necks.”
A tear crept into the judge’s eyes as he listened to the accused. “The blood of the innocents are still on your dress,” he said. “Blood,” said the man looking down at the faded, now saffron coloured stains. “I am proud of these clothes. With this blood, I have won my colours.” “And what is the colour you are trying to clothe yourself with?” asked the judge. “Saffron,” said the murderer, looking down at his clothes. “You see blood, I see saffron. They are the same, your honour. Tell me….. when I am going to be hanged.” The judge stood up as he delivered his judgment. “You are free to go,” he said, “but those blood stained robes of yours, which you call saffron, will be hung from the gallows tomorrow for deeds they are forcing people to commit…!”

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