A plea to Capital authorities

Adnan Dost

Education is the basic right of every human being. It makes a person able to understand the things which are happening in their surroundings. This is a treasure that no thief can steal. But unfortunately, in Islamabad, the Federal capital of Pakistan, even this is also possible. Hundreds of students, enrolled in the Islamabad Model School for Girls Sangjani (I to X), Tarnol section, are compelled to study under the open sky and sit on dusty rugs on the ground.
The school, one of the most neglected in Islamabad, has around 900 students on its rolls and accommodates them in 11 classrooms. Four classes are held under the open sky while two of the classrooms do not have furniture. I request the Federal Directorate of Education t to wake up and take immediate steps to resolve the academic problems of the students of IMSG, Sangjani and provide necessary academic environment to the students.
— Islamabad

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