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Eman Naeem

Modernism, socialism, terrorism, fear, anxiety, material competition, technology when combined together makes up the 21st century. In this fast age we have lost ourselves, our values, our real purpose and we are running after everything that is an illusion, becoming a victim of spiritual bankruptcy. Where the solution lies of these problems?
Being Muslims, we all know that what is our real purpose of life and why we have been sent here? Accepting God as an absolute Master of this Universe gives us the meaning of the creation of life and universe. The idea that we have to account for our actions in later life before Almighty Allah has both deterrent and inspiration value.
The real guide to humanity is the Quran which is the last Divine book. It is a complete code of life as it has solution to all such problems we are facing today. It is the only best and complete solution to every problem like anxiety, fear, terrorism and modernism. Since none of us wants to be misguided, it is paramount not only to read or recite the Quran, but to understand and apply it in our social and individual lives as well, as the Quran has a solution to every problem we face today.

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