A novel idea to eliminate poverty

Javaid Bashir

The founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates has suggested a simple solution to eliminate poverty from the world. According to the details, he has planned to eliminate poverty by producing chicks. He would donate 100,000 chicks to each poor country for this purpose. He has done all the calculations to generate income from sale of chicks. Each chick can be sold for $5 in most of the developing countries. Announcing his plan, he said that the sale money can be used to meet the expenses of meals of the victim families.
I think it is not only a novel but a practical solution to eradicate poverty from the ranks of poor countries. All the philanthropists should come forward to participate in this noble cause. The poor families will get a source of subsistence and sustenance.
All of us should welcome this brilliant idea and work on it. We can make our contributions to such great cause. Bill Gates has been already helping to eliminate Polio. We commend him for his humanitarian support.
—Via email

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