A hundred and ten per cent..!

Do what you love and love what you are doing and you’ll never work another day in your life.,….” Anonymous. He was a tiny electrician. I watched him work and liked the way he deftly spliced the wires, connected the points and hey presto the electricity flowed and my computer worked. I watched him walk away and gently called him back.
“Where are you from?” I asked. “From the village,” he said. “Why have you come to this big city?” “To make money,” he said. “And you will,” I said, “if you give the customer a hundred and ten per cent!” “Haven’t I?” he asked. “You’ve given your hundred per cent,” I said, “but not the ten per cent more.” “What else can I do?” he asked. I looked at the littered floor. He smiled and came back with a broom. He cleaned every bit of old wire, nails and wood piece and then I saw him putting my shirts which he had dropped, back onto their hangars. “Okay?” he asked. “Thanks for your hundred and ten per cent!” I smiled as I paid him.
And here’s a story of another hundred and ten percenter: “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Flight 256 direct from New York to Lexington!” Wait a minute! My mind starts racing. I know it’s early in the morning 6.50 am to be exact, but I was sure this flight went to Atlanta.
“Now that I got your attention,” the voice continued, “my name is Sherrie and I’ll be your flight attendant today. Actually we are flying to Atlanta, and Lexington was mentioned just to wake you all up!” I breathed a sigh of relief as the smiling Sherrie continued: “Safety is important to us so please take out the safety card in front of you and look through it. Come on everybody, take out those brochures and wave them in the air!” Seventy percent of the travelers chuckled and did as they were told. Twenty percent weren’t awake as yet and the others were sourpusses.
“In the unlikely event that we land in the sea, a decision has to be made. You can either pray and swim like crazy or use your seat as a flotation device!” This time everybody laughed, even the twenty percent who had been sleeping.
“For breakfast the vegetarian dishes are real yummy, so also the non- veg, I am told, but I can’t vouch for that, I’m a veggy!” By now everybody on the flight had a smile on their lips and felt comfortable, at home and ready for the flight. They would never fly another airline again, thanks to Sherrie. If we had more hundred and ten percenters in the world, Bill Gates would sure be getting competition..!
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