A helpless religious leader

Shafi M Solangi

The religious education is the basis of modern education. If there is not base of any building, it cannot stand firm. A village named Adam Khan Solangi comes in the jurisdiction of Tehseel Khairpur Nathan Shah of district Dadu, where a religious man gave his own property for the construction for the local Girls School, under the assurance that he will be given the job of a peon in the school. Consequently, the building of school has been completed but he is being denied the recruitment as peon. He has approached the district authorities many a time but all in vain. He has given all to the school and has no resources even to run his stove three times a day.
I would humbly request the Dupty Commissioner Dadu to take note of the plight of the this religious man and also call upon the villagers to please come to the help of the starving gentleman because he is just unable to make both the end meet and earn bread and butter to live.
— Dadu, Sindh

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