A healthy practice

According to the new research, periodontal diseases, which refer to infections around the structure of teeth, links to the major health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, stroke and so on. So, maintaining oral hygiene is necessary, and regular brushing is one way of achieving it. However, toothpastes, nowadays, we are using contains some harmful chemicals like SLS, Tricloson, artificial sweeteners and many more, and despite spitting most of it out, some of it makes way to bloodstream that can cause diseases in the long run.
However, on the other hand, brushing with Miswak, a nutritious stick, which is a Prophet (PBUH) practice (Sunnah) is a great natural way of maintaining oral hygiene. It has numerous health benefits. It not only strengthens the teeth and gums but also aids digestion, improves memory and eye sight, clears voice and so on. Considering the fact that the use of Miswak is highly recommended in Hadith as well, it is worth replacing our toothbrush with Miswak for maintaining the overall health.

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