A goodwill gesture

Contrary to the rigidness of India on certain issues including relating to issuance of medical visas, Pakistan has once again demonstrated flexibility in its position with regard to the meeting of Indian spy Kulbushan Jhadav with his relatives by granting permission to the wife and mother to meet Jhadav who was arrested in March 2016 from an area in Balochistan and stands convicted on charges of coordinating and organizing terrorist attacks to sabotage peace within the country.
We appreciate the foreign office for giving a sympathetic consideration to the Indian request on the matter that is totally humanitarian in nature. But at the same time we understand that had this been the other way around, the Indian side would have never entertained such a request rather used it as a tool to further malign Pakistan in the entire world. Intransigence of the Indian government is known to everybody and most recently we have seen the country playing politics even on humanitarian issues such as the issuance of medical visas to Pakistani patients. Regrettably it has imposed the conditionality for every Pakistani patient to have a reference letter from the foreign minister addressed to the Indian external affairs minister despite the fact that our patients do not seek any favour or discount but make full payments to the Indian doctors. There is no precedence of such conditionality anywhere in the world which definitely is in contravention of any humanitarian law or human rights. Though one cannot expect anything good or positive from Modi led government, yet we will urge it to stop playing politics on purely humanitarian issues and review its policy towards issuance of medical visas. Also it is time for the Indian side to take confidence building measures by ending its unbridled reign of terror in occupied Kashmir and take steps towards resolution of all outstanding disputes with Pakistan. The posture of hostility and conspiracies being pursued by India to weaken Pakistan both internally and externally will not serve any purpose but further push the already volatile region into deeper crisis. Whilst shunning the negative course, the Indian side needs to sit with Pakistan to resolve all the matters amicably and join hands to end the decades of problems faced by the region including that of poverty, deprivation, hunger, illiteracy, etc.

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