A glass of draught beer..!

I must confess I love a glass of draught beer straight from the tap! But last year for quite some time had to refrain from touching it, because a tooth was shaking and whenever I touched the golden liquid I had to deal with the pain caused by the ice cold beer on my teeth. It wasn’t nice at all, and as I toured America, I looked rather enviously at my companions sipping beer while I made do with a lukewarm coke!
Meanwhile, there wasn’t a day when my doctor wife didn’t tell me to go to the dentist and get the tooth fixed, and there wasn’t a day I refused or procrastinated about it, till, my future son in law, said, “Have you ever imagined having your draught beer again?” “Yes!” I said wistfully.
“Then why don’t you have your tooth fixed thinking you can drink all the cold stuff you’ve been missing?” That created a good picture in my mind, and I got the tooth fixed, bridging the space that the extracted tooth left, and within a few weeks was able to sit along with the others without looking green eyed at their glasses!
Why am I speaking about draught beer and such at the beginning of the year? Because the start of every year has many of us making new year resolutions! Right? At most parks throughout the world, double or maybe triple the number of joggers and walkers must have been seen last morning, then ever seen before! All with resolute looks in their eyes, and new energy in their legs.
But in a few hours, muscle fatigue, joint pains and other aches and pains would have started, and in a day or two the crowds in most parks will diminish. And I’m just talking of exercising! What about all the other New Year resolutions you’ve made?
So, lets refocus. Let’s paint a picture like the one I painted to get my teeth repaired. It showed what I could do with the new teeth. In the same way, think how you’d look with a slim body, or the things you can do with new energy. Stop thinking about what you have to do, and picture what you’re going to do with the joy of this new habit! Become like an athlete who runs with endurance seeing himself or herself on the victory stand, hearing the applause of the whole stadium!
Today, fix your mind on a deeper motivation, one that you paint in vivid colours and then hold that picture in front of you as you follow your New Year resolutions. And for those who have a problem with their teeth like I did, remember I just spoke of a glass or two, and not the whole barrel! We don’t want the beginning of a new habit, and an unnecessary resolution next year, do we?

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